Hi, everyone.

We’re unbelievably excited to announce that our new EP, Under the Brilliant Lights, will be coming out on January 28th. A brand new song, “Cuernavaca”, is available now: http://haileyithappens.bandcamp.com/track/cuernavaca

We worked very hard with our new friend, producer Scott Riebling, to chart a bit of a different course, while still holding on to the things that made our music Hailey, it Happens. We also wanted to let you know about a bit of a change in how we’ll do things. From here on out, all digital copies of our music will be pay-what-you-want. We’re basically just paying for our records out of pocket, and giving away the results to all of you.

This means that any penny you spend on a download or a CD will go right into studio time to make new music. So if you like what you hear, and want to hear more, any support you can give will help make that happen. We’ll also be putting all our previous music up as pay-what-you-want as well, so if you’re new to us, feel free to catch up on where we’ve been, and stay tuned for where we’re going.

We’re endlessly grateful for all the support we’ve gotten so far, and we can’t wait to share the future of this band with all of you.


Chris and Bob
Hailey, It Happens


Since Bobby did a little write-up for one of his sets of lyrics, I figured I’d shine a little light on “Aurora”. I guess the core idea behind the song is art-as-salvation. When I wrote the song, I was in a pretty miserable place (“I hated every single second of twenty-three”) and looking for something, anything, to give me some hope, to let me wake up in the morning TRYING for something more. “The record keeps on spinning…and spinning.” And what, for me, provided this sliver of hope in this cycle was music, the ability to immerse myself in, and hopefully create, art and beauty. So the song deals with the changes I had to make becoming a part of Hailey, It Happens, the places I drew inspiration and strength from and the hope that I could use this medium to make something of beauty that could be a comfort to or source of hope for someone else who felt the way I did. And the thing that these desires and struggles culminates in is an immersion in the beautiful, wonderful gift of having the opportunity to create art, to fall into the stars and swim in the northern lights. I’ll tell you what, it can be a wonderful feeling.

Chris/ Hailey, It Happens


At the request of a very cool twitter follower of ours I’ve decided to post a little write-up concerning the meaning behind our song “Hurricane”.

The lyrics for “Hurricane” came from a place when I was questioning music and whether or not all the pressure I put on myself were worth the end result. Part of the lyrics almost serve as a goodbye letter to writing music and pursuing that as a career. I typically have very high expections for myself as a songwriter and sometimes I will question my abilities which in turn can get me pretty down on writing songs. Writing the lyrics to “Hurricane” was a way to get those thoughts out on paper as well as a way for me to highlight some of the bands that not only influence me but make me want to continue writing and loving music.

- Bobby / Hailey, It Happens

Thank You!

Hey all,

It has been awhile since we’ve updated this thing so I figured I’d give everyone a little update on what is going on with us!

First off, we would like to personally thank every single person that has purchased our album or shown us support in any way. We recently had our digital sales come in for the month of April and they were much higher than either of us expected.

Also, our album Aurora has been released on vinyl through Collective Confusion records. You can buy the album here: http://tinyurl.com/3d4o3gj. With the vinyl you will also receive a sheet of handwritten lyrics from both Chris and myself. These lyrics sheets are limited to the first 100 orders, so be sure to get yours while supplies last.

Also, Collective Confusion have a great record from John Nolan that you should certainly check out as well.


Bobby/Hailey, It Happens

Brighter Acoustic

Hey everyone, we recently recorded a video for Lost in the Sound of us playing our new single “Brighter” acoustically. You can check out the video here: http://bit.ly/fEcPNS. Make sure you let us know what you think :-)

Watch the video to find out where you can get our new album, Aurora, and hear about an exclusive song for the first 50 people to get the physical album. This exclusive will be hand numbered/drawn and will be the only way to get this song.

Visit: http://haileyithappens.bigcartel.com to buy the physical album and http://purevolume.com/haileyithappens to stream the new record.

Hailey, It Happens - Track-by-track Explanations: “Invincible”

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